spear line bungees make rigging of the gun easier when using low stretch 2mm Nylon or Dynema. They also reduce the chance of the line slipping off the release hook when diving in turbulent conditions. Cored through with 180kg softweave Dynema and also available with Snapclip/swivel attached.

Spear Bungee (Code BOINSP)

Spear Bungie with Swivel and Clip (Code BOINSPS)

Rob Allen Bungees are available in lengths of 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 10m and 15m. The elongation is limited to 3 x the relaxed rubber length by the 270kg Dynema security line linked to the end loops. When hunting big fish Bungees provide up to 45m additional line when fully stretched by a 10kg load, while simultaneously providing a strong yet gentle braking action. The TPE rubber is manufactured to our specifications to ensure excellent UV and solvent resistance.

1m bungee (stretches to 3m) (Code BOIN1M)

2m bungee (stretches to 6m) (Code BOIN2M)

3m bungee (stretches to 9m) (Code BOIN3M)

5m bungee (stretches to 15m) (Code BOIN5M)

10m Bungee (stretches to 30m) (Code BOIN10M)

15m Bungee (stretches to 45m) (CodeBOIN15M)