The Rob Allen Pincer Crimps are specially designed and manufactured 18mm long to hold Rob Allen Black Mako shooting line (mono line) and minimise weak points in shooting line. Properly installed they provide an excellent low profile fastening.

Black Mako pincer crimp (Code RLPN)

Black Mako pincer crimp (10pack) (Code RLPN10)

Black Mako Pincer Crimps (100 pack) (Code RLPN100)

Black Mako Pincer Crimps (1000 pack) (Code RLPN1000)

The Rob Allen crimping tool is specially designed to ensure that your crimps are always tight and will never fail.

The crimping tool is able to crimp various sized crimps and is extremly easy to use.

Crimping Tool (Code CRMPTL)