Rob Allen bags are innovative products to protect your investment. Engineered to endure from polyester reinforced PVC, Rob Allen bags feature double stitching on all seams & ultra durable dual locking YKK zips.

(Code GBTK)
Extra wide and well padded the Tanker is a Rob Allen ultimate speargun transit bag. Designed to withstand even the roughest handling the Tanker can accommodate up to 10 guns and also features an internal spear pouch to carry spears complete with rigging lines. The tanker can also accommodate fins and other freedive gear.

(Code GBDL)
Padded to ensure maximum protection, the Deluxe has a built in spear pouch and is roomy enough to fit up to 5 Railguns.

(Code GBSP)
Minimalist design for moderate transit conditions and lighter weight, the Spartan features unpadded reinforced PVC and heavy duty YKK zips.

(Code DBTK)
Tanker dive bags are designed to fit everything and more into one bag. The Tanker features a side pocket designed to accommodate fins safely, a top pocket to hold smaleer items like your mask and a mesh insert to aid drying.

(Code DBDL)
Ultra roomy, the Deluxe is long enough to fit freedive fins internally as well as all other dive gear.

(Code DBSP)
The perfect partner to the Spartan gun bag, Spartan dive bags keep your dive gear ultra secure via twin locking heavy duty YKK zips.

(Code CBCB)
Worn snugly around the diver, the ultra low profile crayfish bag contours to the diver, providing minimal drag and leaving both hands free. Canvas backed to protect diver. Available in three sizes.

(Code CBNB)
Small wide mesh net Bag. Ideal for storing catch on a float while you continue to spearfish with no waist bag.

Protect water sensitive equipment with Rob Allen dry bags. Made form highly salt, puncture and UV resistant PVC that prevents internal sweating. Featuring durable heat welded seams, ultra heavy duty snap clips and a unique sealing system, Rob Allen dry bags are completely waterproof at one atmosphere when properly sealed. Available in Small and ideal for mobile phones, cameras and flares, Medium ideal for food and towels or Jumbo ideal for bulk clothing. Avaliable singly or in triple packs featuring dry bags of each size.

Small (Code DBI)
Medium (Code DB5)
Jumbo (Code DB25)
Triple Pack (Code DB3)