ROB ALLEN also has a growing range of spearfishing videos available. These films not only show awesome footage of big fish being hunted and shot, but also have other amazing underwater footage as well as educational content regarding ROB ALLEN gear. The content is all shot in African waters, thus creating a unique niche in this growing genre.

3 old friends on an epic quest to quench their passion for a Spearfishing adventure. Join Chris, Morne and Wayno as they discover the infinite possibilities of Magical Mozambique.
Includes – The Spanish Mackerel and Coatesman’s secrets on hunting Cuta.

A high quality DVD Video containing two spearfishing documentaries - "The Pinnacle" & "Guinea Pigs".
64 minutes of digital programming will take the viewer on two unique freediving and spearfishing adventures on the African continent.

Follow Spearfishing manufacturers Rob Allen and Jeremy Williams as they hunt large gamefish in the tropical waters of northern Zululand. Crystal clear images and full hunting sequences of large fish being shot that will leave nothing to the imagination.

Learn about some new and exciting reel gun techniques and enjoy an array of extras that will keep you entertained on those dirty water days.

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